Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Now that the Patriots are in the Superbowl, the rest of the country is getting a good look at New England's third-ranked regional soap opera (after state government and the Red Sox). One of the continuing storylines is Terry Glenn, the wide receiver whose perverse determination to squander his prodigious talent most recently got him suspended from the team for the duration of the playoffs after he missed several practices without an excuse. Earlier in the season, he graced a Sunday evening sports show with an interview in which he linked his prolonged recovery from a hamstring injury to a dispute about his signing bonus, and made a point of saying that he "did, D-I-D" want to play for the team.

(The team had already tried to suspend him for the season, but that got overturned in arbitration).

His latest escapade has to do with the drug infractions that earned him the suspension and cost him all that bonus money in the first place. (The team had learned the lesson of six years of Glenn's shenanigans --- the bonus was conditioned on good behavior). He's now suing the NFL, claiming that he suffers from a disability, chronic depression, which makes him unable to pick up the phone when the NFL's agents call to tell him they'd like to run a drug test.

And to think, people actually complain about Randy Moss...


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