Friday, February 15, 2002

A lot of people are shocked --- shocked --- to discover that Bob Reich, a Democratic former cabinet secretary, was able, over the course of a year, to rack up $750,000 in speaking fees. (It's getting coverage here because Reich is making a run for governor). I'm not sure what the complaint is; would the same apply to Republican ex-Presidents? Compare and contrast:

Reagan received $2 million for a 10-day speaking tour of Japan. Bush received $80,000 worth of stock for a speech in Japan, which quickly increased in value to $14 million after the company went public. Carter climbed out of debt and into financial security with the help of money from the 15 books he has written.

Come on. If you want to beat up on Reich, find a real reason to do it. Like, for instance, his well-established record as a pathological liar...


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