Monday, May 10, 2004

A correction: I wrote in an aside last week that Zsallia Marieko was the only science fiction character I was aware of with a link to my blog. (Ms. Marieko, by her own report, looks more or less human, but is a lot more durable, having survived determined attempts at drowning, hanging, and a knife through the heart, having regrown several severed limbs, and having not aged visibly in the past 3500 years -- before which, she says, she has simply lost all memory).

Avedon Carol informs me that I'm mistaken; she herself makes an appearance in Joe Haldeman's "All My Sins Remembered". She reports no known biomods or cybernetic enhancements -- or at least, none that she's willing to disclose.

To forestall further corrections, I will not state that these are the only two science fiction characters who have me on their blogroll. If, by chance, you're a time traveler from a postapocalyptic future, and you have me on your blogroll, please don't feel obliged to send me email about it. You may, but don't feel obliged...

Update: I really didn't want to list another, but it seems there's no getting around it...


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