Friday, May 21, 2004

Well, it seems the neocon love affair with Chalabi may have genuinely hit the rocks -- reports from official Washington about Chalabi getting cozy with Iranian intelligence can hardly be calculated to win him friends on the Iraqi street (which is full to bursting with veterans of the Iran-Iraq war). Although you wonder -- was it really the Iranian intelligence that ruined Chalabi with American officials? We on the left have been hearing rumors about that for months. Did his new political coalition with Hezbollah really mean nothing to these people? Ah, well.

At any rate, it was a long and fruitful relationship, having given rise to a splendid little war with much blood and diversion of funds. And there were happier days, when Chalabi and Dubya himself were the best of pals -- now all they have left, I guess, are the photographs. So it only seems appropriate to give find the right sentimental song to give it a proper send-off. Perhaps this (mp3, lyrics here). For old time's sake.

Just looked over at Instapundit, to see how he was handling the emotional situation. He must be all choked up. The only thing he's got so far is a post which suggests that Chalabi may have been linked to the scandal which has gripped him obsessively for the last week, as I'm sure it has you, casting an entirely new light on the entire situation before and after the war -- the reports of corruption in the U.N. oil-for-food program

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