Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan died this weekend. Condolences are due the family, and his loved ones. But it's disturbing how the hagiographers, not just in the blogsphere but in the mainstream press are giving him credit for stuff that he simply didn't do. Jeanne D'arc believes that brutal honesty about Reagan's record, no matter how justified, would not be good for the soul right now. And perhaps she's right -- but neither is hero-worship blown up to outright lies...

Update: Jeanne couldn't take the lies either:

... I don't think death is an excuse for blatant prevarication or profiteering of any kind either, and anyone engaging in either of those things has to be called on it. I would simply say to anyone who lies about Reagan that the man was no wimp and his memory, if he's as great a president as his supporters think he is, can stand up to the truth.

I don't think it can, of course, but anyone who does believe it ought not to be afraid of facts. The facts are here. Here. Here. Here.


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