Thursday, August 26, 2004

On the right wing of the blogsphere, the "consistently thought-provking and insightful" Dean Esmay inquires of his esteemed readers:

So here's a question for my white (and other) readers: Have you ever noticed how annoying black people can be?

I mean, seriously. Just admit it: sometimes black folks, they get on your nerves. You want to be all "color doesn't matter" and you want to be all "that nasty crap is in the past" and so on and so forth. You also want to sit there saying, "well I don't discriminate!" and "I don't care about color!" and all that. But come on, you big fat liars. Tell the truth.

Black people: don't they annoy you sometimes?

It looks like it took some mild encouragement for his commenters to treat this query with a proper earnestness:

* Update * My God. Have you ever noticed what total wussies most white people are? I asked this question two hours ago and all I get is "hahahaha you're so funny Dean!" and "are you sure you want to ask this?" responses.

* Update 2 * My wife just walked in on me and said, "Are you sure you want to ask this question? Are you crazy?" To which my answer is: YES! Come on, you fishbelly-white, narrow-nosed, thin-lipped jerkoffs. What are you afraid of? What, will God smite you for speaking your mind? Do you really think race relations can get better in America if you don't honestly say what you think?

Oh, all right. I'll 'fess up. Clarence Thomas annoys the hell out of me.

via Prometheus 6.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay, i'll bite / i cant stand Condoleeza Rice / so there / but she cd be white and i would still wonder if she knew what her job description requires.

3:02 PM  

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