Thursday, March 24, 2005

My muse is once again on an unannounced hiatus. While I wait for her to stop traipsing around Florida (where she seems to be having fun at Spring Training and soaking up the Schiavo mess), a few more naked links to stuff you might have missed.
  • As further evidence that the Red Sox world series victory did in fact require someone to sell their soul, please note that a plane owned by a partner in the group that owns the baseball team has been delivering prisoners to torture chambers.
  • The record company lobbies that oppose P2P software say they're doing it for the good of their artists, so they can get properly compensated for their work. As a benchmark of their sincerity, consider Fiona Apple's latest album. It's been bootlegged, and is widely available on P2P. Most of her fans would love to pay for it, but they can't -- the album isn't to the taste of the record company's marketing execs, so they're sitting on it.
  • Remember when a Pentagon scandal was when some idiots in Congress were spending billions on weapons so bad even the generals didn't want them? Well, maybe we've moved on, but Congress hasn't.
  • Tom Friedman's still on his meds. His latest column correctly notes that killing prisoners of war is a bad thing, going against not only the Geneva conventions but centuries of American tradition. I'm stunned. What's next? Might the widely read commenter on global economic affairs notice next that we have a bit of a problem with China?
  • And speaking of China, in case you haven't been paying attention, our good Communist friends in the government there are still running an oppressive, corrupt dictatorship. It's good to keep track of these things.


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