Thursday, November 10, 2005

For the past several months, an ex-Marine named Jimmy Massey has been talking about American troops committing atrocities in Iraq. He was lying.

For the past few days, various liberal bloggers have been relaying a story, originally out of Italian news, that American troops used white phosphorus incendiary rounds --- a bit like napalm, only a whole lot worse --- against civilians in their invasion of Fallujah. According to the Army's own writeup of the action, those are true.

In certain respectable circles, I'm sure you'll be hearing a whole lot more about the first of these stories than the second. The same respectable circles that are using similar frauds from the Vietnam era to try to discredit the testimony at John Kerry's "Winter Soldier" investigation into atrocities in Vietnam.

I guess it's awfully convenient for them that people crop up spreading bogus stories. Odd coincidence, though. But just that. Maybe they're napalming civilians, but they're surely above releasing an agent provocateur at home to poison the national discourse?

Update: Several commenters note this article, which at least tries to debunk Massey's debunkers...


Blogger Bill Hooker said...

Stan Goff is not so sure that Massey is lying.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Emphyrio said...

Yes, read Stan Goff's Counterpunch article, which is a detailed defense of Massey's claims and a pretty devastating takedown of Harris's article.

Short version: Harris, embedded with the Marines, "went native," and was called on a whitewash about the protesters who were killed by Massey.

Now hates Massey, wants to discredit him and defend his buddies.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Emphyrio said...

Boy, did I phrase that poorly.

Harris described the shooting of the protesters as a terrible, unavoidable mistake.

Massey said it was intentional and that Harris was lying.

Harris, understandably, was angered by this.

12:10 AM  

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