Sunday, December 30, 2001

Ad peeve du jour:

Shots of Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George intercut with a fat guy in an Eddie George tee shirt. George pensively strides out of the locker room. Doughboy huffs and puffs his way out of his bedroom. George tapes up an injured finger. Doughboy, concentrating intently, tapes up his teevee remote. George dashes forward protecting the ball, evading vicious attacks from onrushing linebackers. Doughboy dashes out of the kitchen carrying his nachos, and manages to avoid spilling them all as he squeezes past his mom. George scores, and the crowd pats Doughboy on the back.

The tagline: "NFL --- this is why we watch". Which is how you can tell it's not a PSA from the Get-A-Life foundation, meant to contrast people who put their asses on the line for something with people who dream about it while their asses are parked on the couch.


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