Friday, December 14, 2001

Who's oppressing the Palestinians?

From an article on yet another call by Hizbollah for suicide bombings ("Pay no attention to those who say there are civilians and soldiers in Israel... they are all occupiers and invaders, partners in crimes and massacres''), we discover that

Some 360,000 Palestinians are registered as refugees in Lebanon. Denied the right to work or own property, they have become increasingly restive during the Palestinian uprising.

That's in Lebanon, outside of Israeli jurisdiction; the people denying these Palestinians "the right to work or own property" are their fellow Arabs.

It's not as if anyone is nostalgic for the salad days of the Lebanese civil war. (Well, maybe Hizbollah's Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah is --- what can you say about a guy who says "... suicide operations are the weapon that God gave this nation"? But nobody sane). Still, if these folks feel compelled to attack their oppressors, it's kind of odd that none of the bombs find their way to the people who are actually keeping them destitute....

Found via Little Green Footballs.


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