Monday, January 07, 2002

Last week, the guys at Quasipundit were arguing about why Zac Moussaoui gets an ordinary trial, and not the, shall we say, expedited process of the spanking-new tribunal system. I was wondering about that when the indictment was announced. Ashcroft stonewalled that question at the press conference, and time has made it no easier to answer.

But I was also wondering about why there wasn't more aggressive followup about Moussaoui at the time of his arrest --- when a few quick questions about whether other flight schools had students who didn't care whether their planes ever landed could have saved us all a whole lot of trouble. At the press conference, that one got some ludicrous evasion from Mueller, and time has shed no light on it either.

And now we find out (via Little Green Footballs) that a Jordanian prisoner with al-Qaeda ties may have given them an even more specfic warning about attacks on New York.

(This guy has been "whisked to an undisclosed location", while "all traces of his presence in the system have been removed from the Department of Corrections web site." That just gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn't it?)

The DOJ's public response to September 11th was to ask for new toys --- roaming wiretaps, judge-shopping for wiretaps, access to ISP billing records and email headers without a warrant, et cetera, ad nauseam. Given the administration's war on accountability, which I've been meaning to discuss more thoroughly for a while now, all we can on the outside can do is stand around and hope they're doing something to clean house internally.


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