Thursday, February 21, 2002

On Coyote at the Dog Show, Anthony comments:

Barry Harkness makes an interesting observation in his comment to Megan McArdle's post on unverified reports from Iran that Osamas's right hand man is in custody. Harkness wonders whether the always photogenic and never camera shy OBL could be alive, given how long it's been since he put out a tape.

I mention this to explain, by way of example, why I try not to comment on other peoples' blog posts without having some thoughts of my own to add to the matter at hand.

But I'm breaking with that policy to point out an interesting new blog, Lagniappe. The proprietor, Derek Lowe, has interesting things to say about the pharmaceutical industry, with which he's personally involved, and matters farther afield, including an interesting (and frightening) piece on Japan.

One of the things that makes the blog interesting, though, is Lowe himself, who has an interesting dual career --- as a biochemist in the pharmaceutical industry and as a talented and versatile pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, for whom he has performed with distinction in several roles, including setup and closer; this year, he's expected to be in the starting rotation.

Funny how he never mentions baseball on the blog, though. It must be a real trick trying to find time for both. It's almost as if he's found a way to be in two places at once...


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