Friday, March 08, 2002

More news from Boston: Blogsphere followers of our governor, Jane Swift, may be pleased to know that she's pleading for support from delegates to the state Republican convention.

Swift is facing an uphill primary battle with her undeclared challenger, Mitt Romney. Romney is a Massachusetts businessman who ran as the Republican sacrificial lamb against Ted Kennedy in 1994 and astounded everyone by making a race of it. He then got called in to rescue the Salt Lake City Olympic games, which were mired in scandal and nearly broke; his rescue work has gotten rave reviews. He won't "officially decide" whether to enter the race until his duties at Salt Lake City wind up (he's still involved with the Paralympics), but in the meantime, his non-campaign has a squad of vigorous and active non-campaign workers that puts the Democrats who are actually running for the office to shame.

Swift has responded to the challenge with her usual poise and acumen --- which is to say, she made a clumsy charge that the search for a better Republican candidate was driven by sexism (as opposed to, say, her own long string of gaffes), then quickly backed off.

In completely unrelated news, which I mention simply because it's Bostonian and weird, waiters at some of Boston's fanciest restaurants are suing management for stealing their tips.


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