Sunday, March 31, 2002

Nonsense can be fun. There's some beautiful nonsense at the Pepper Gallery, the City of Salt by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, a show featuring digital prints of strange scenes, Borgesian short-short stories posted on the walls which purport to explain them, and in the center of the room, the city of salt itself, modeled in salt and clay figures, which is variously described in the texts as the city of the living, the city of the dead, a dream, a mirage, and an illusion in the eyes of all who perceive it, including the inhabitants. (But isn't that what a city is?)

The text featured on the gallery's web site is from the title piece, "City of Salt", in which the city is either a tomb built for the potentate of a plague-stricken city, or the dream of a plague-stricken beggar imagining that he is a king.

This is wonderful stuff. It's there through the end of April; see it if you have the chance.


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