Tuesday, April 23, 2002

More news from Boston: Major league baseball here is on hiatus.

The Red Sox spent the weekend sweeping a three-game series in Kansas City, by a combined score in the three games of 24-9. People who don't follow the game may not have some idea how impressive this is. Here's a clue: for two years, Royals fans Rob Neyer and Rany Jazayerli made a pretty popular web feature out of their continual bitching about the mental prowess of the Royals' brain rust. Since Neyer is a full-time writer for ESPN, you'd think their lawyers would object to this kind of side project, but in fact, they were just as happy to get the miasma of gloom off their web site. The series ended not when the Royals improved, but when first Rob and then Rany simply ran out of different ways to say "they're blowing out the pitchers' arms" and "that trade sucks."

Next up for the Red Sox: thirteen straight games against the wreck of the Baltimore Orioles and the American League's answer to the Washington Generals, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They will resume major league play with a three-game series against Oakland beginning May 7.


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