Wednesday, July 24, 2002

More news from Boston: Cardinal Law is still on the job, responding to the challenges of the day.

One stark challenge, he seems to believe, comes from Voice of the Faithful, the activist group that formed in response to the sexual abuse scandals. When the group offered to serve as a vehicle for charitable donations, for Catholics who were no longer comfortable giving to the Cardinal's fund directly, Law proclaimed that Catholic charitable organizations would refuse all such donations, in the words of his spokeswoman, because the plan "does not recognize the role of the archbishop and his responsibility in providing for the various programs and activities of the church" --- or in other words, because it would detract from his own personal authority.

Which came as something of a surprise to Catholic Charities officials, who are in the papers today saying they're happy to accept donations from Voice of the Faithful.

Law, as I said, is still on the job. Despite personal appeals from concerned Catholics, and editorials in both major local newspapers saying he ought to resign, he will not give it up. But he seems determined, in lieu of that, to make it fade into irrelevance.


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