Tuesday, September 17, 2002

More news from Boston:

The Republican primary race here is interesting. Not for governor --- Mitt Romney is the only person running. But for lieutenant governor.

As I've mentioned before, a local Republican party activist named Jim Rappaport is trying to force his way onto the Republican ticket as lieutenant governor, displacing Romney's chosen running mate, a policy wonk named Kerry Healey. And, like all candidates with large war chests and low polling numbers, he's put on a last minute media blitz.

Which has prompted Romney to do a TV spot, in heavy rotation over the last few days, saying "Jim Rappaport has gone too far", and saying the ad blitz is "the kind of negative mudslinging that we don't need in the Republican party".

Meanwhile, Romney's own attack ads, aimed at Democratic front runner Shannon O'Brien, have mysteriously vanished from the airwaves.

Democracy. Ain't it grand?


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