Friday, October 11, 2002

Well, Dubya has his Tonkin Gulf resolution. May it serve him better than Johnson's served him.

The most depressing thing in listening to the snatches of debate that I heard was the almost desperate willingness among Democrats to believe that the administration would exercise restraint --- my own Sen. Kerry said he was trusting Dubya's assurances that passage of the resolution didn't mean that use of force was "imminent", and that force would be used only as a very last resort. Considering the administration's transparent duplicity (lying about the contents of IAEA reports, pretending unspecified "other people" were stirring up a fuss about Iraq in August, then admitting in September that it was just a bad time to bring their "product" to "market"), and considering the repeated reports of pressure from the administration to suppress intelligence which supports alternatives to war, you've really got to wonder what they have done to merit that level of trust.

Or what newspapers have these Democrats been reading, that they didn't notice? Oh yeah, this one...

Then again, there are other factors that Kerry didn't talk about; the day after Kerry announced his position, the Boston Globe had a political cartoon which showed Kerry touting the merits of "regime change" while brandishing a "Kerry for President 2004" campaign button...


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