Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Dubya and Co. are really taking it on the chin in left blogistan for floating their modest proposal to pay for their tax cuts for the rich by raising taxes on the poor. But think about it --- if you never had much money, you won't miss it. On the other hand, if you do have money, you grow attached to it, and it creates all sorts of problems of which the poor have no inkling.

Take the poor beset Pritzker family, wracked with dissension as movie starlet Liesel Pritzker sues her elders for "raping and pillaging" her billion dollar trust fund, leaving her bereft with a few paltry millions. Or the Bronfmans, who are seeing the art collection that they painstakingly assembled over decades at Seagram's auctioned off to pay for corporate debt. Or worse yet, L. Dennis Kozlowski and the Rigas family, who for a few trifling misjudgments have been brought so low that they must submit to the shame and degradation of flying coach.

Obviously, these are the people who need more money. You wouldn't waste it on the poor, who don't amass great art collections, but toss their money away on transitory things like food and rent.


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