Friday, January 17, 2003

Ginger Stampley has an entry up about why she's not blogging about politics as much, since restarting her blog --- nothing much is changing. The Democrats are still out of power, Dubya and co. are still building up for a war on Iraq, the purpose of which they have yet to clearly articulate, and they're trying to rush through tax cuts which are absurdly slanted towards the rich. (Well, she missed that last one, but it goes just as well to prove the point).

My own reaction to the whole thing was to consider going into reruns. There's some stuff I wrote a few months ago which seems at least as applicable now as it was when it was written --- this piece, for instance, on the incoherence of Dubya's arguments for war (including, by the way, an early hint from the since-fired Larry Lindsey about grabbing Iraqi oil), or this one about the social philosophy of our current ruling party, such as it is (more plainly so after the new dividend tax proposal), and the fecklessness of Democrats in actually opposing it. If I were writing them now, the hooks would be different, but the substance could well be the same.

And it would certainly help me kick up the posting volume...


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