Thursday, February 20, 2003

Matt Hogan looks through the transcript of that Osama bin Laden tape which Dubya's crowd was broadcasting to the world the other day, and finds that it offers terrorists and other riffraff more than just moral support. Here, for instance, are Osama's helpful hints for the low-tech terrorist under bombardment, or just trying to hide stuff from camera drones:

We have recognised that one of the best, effective, and available means to devoid the aerial force of the crusading enemy of its content is by digging large numbers of trenches and camouflaging them in huge numbers....The American forces were bombing us with smart bombs, cluster bombs, and bombs which invade caves. B-52 aircraft were flying every two hours over our heads ... The modified Sinmo 13 aircrafts were bombing us daily ...If all the evil global powers were not capable of defeating one simple mile occupied by mujaheddin using very poor equipment, how can such evil powers triumph over the Islamic world? ...

Osama has been compared, I'm sure, to Hitler, Stalin, and the leaders of innumerable cults, gangs, and just plain cutthroats, but in this passage I find him strangely reminiscent of a battle-crazed Martha Stewart. Except with a beard. Perhaps it's just me.

Hogan's comment:

Curious, by the way, that our government has asked networks not to broadcast bin-Laden videos for fear they contained instructions, yet this broadcast contains the most specific and frighteningly accurate instructions, to date, directed at killing large numbers of our soldiers, and it was practically heralded by government officials.

But they were using it to try to argue that we still need to attack Iraq. And if we don't, then where would the soldiers be?

(via Unqualified Offerings)


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