Sunday, March 23, 2003

From the police blotter of the Back Bay Courant, a neighborhood gazette serving Boston's elite, I give you:
Newbury Street Crime --

On Sunday, February 23 at 6 am District Four officers responded to 360 Newbury Street, Eclectic Decor, for a report of a breaking and entering. Upon arrival the officers spoke with a store employee who said that he found the store's rear door open. A box of silverware was in the hallway near the door, and the cash register drawer was open and empty.

Now there are some decorators who prefer the minimalist look. However, even my feng shui advisor wouldn't have to think twice when it comes to the calming, serene effects of a well-balanced cash register. A search of the area was fruitless, but the boys in blue will be doing their best to restore a sense of harmony to the area.

Also featured, an aspiring oenophile who sought to economize at a Tremont Street wine shop by absconding with a couple of bottles of Moët somehow stuffed into his sweatpants.

But the streets of Boston are not entirely given over to anarchy. I am pleased to report that the French Cleaners on Tremont Street, near the Cyclorama, is so far unmolested...


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