Wednesday, March 12, 2003

It's no longer just diplomats; a senior Australian intelligence analyst has resigned on principle over an unncessary war whose means and ends seem inconsistent with democratic values, and which he expects to lead to a humanitarian disaster. Here's an interview, via Tim Dunlop.

Meanwhile, the American military is demonstrating its own commitment to democratic values by threatening to fire on journalists' satellite uplinks, and Dubya's administration is demonstrating its firm commitment to its own values by collecting bids on salvage rights to Iraq from a select set of its own corporate cronies before we've even wrecked the place.

Update: Christopher Allbritton, an independant journalist who hopes to be reporting from Iraq during the war, reports that the satellite story is slightly overblown; they aren't proposing to deliberately target journalists in particular, just reminding them that anyone operating a radio transmitter in a war zone is a target. The comments in the Kate Adie interview I linked to on the situation of journalists "embedded" with US forces stand, at least for the moment.


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