Monday, April 28, 2003

Posted upon reflection, after Saturday night's Ute Lemper concert at the Berklee School of Music, the following fair warning:

The front row seats are not necessarily the best in the house.

"You chose that seat," she said. "Every choice has its consequences." And given what the occupant had suffered, I have rarely been more pleased to be seated in the mezzanine.

Those of us who didn't die of embarrassment actually got to enjoy a really good concert, featuring, among other things, a rendition of the Doors' Whiskey Bar song at least as genuine as the reformed "Doors" had on offer a day or two earlier. There was also plenty of Brecht and Weill, some in the original German, and the Joni Mitchell encores were quite a surprise.

Correction, since two people have called me on it: the "Whiskey Bar" song is Brecht and Weill -- the Doors were just covering it, and Lemper has more of a claim on it than either the real or faux Doors. I was just testing you guys. Just testing. Yeah, that's the ticket...


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