Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Do you feel your cat has the soul of a chicken, and is just dying to express it? The Japanese have just the thing, via PetOffice, "The Tailor of a Cat":

It is spring new work! They are chicken transformation goods!

This is a dear chicken transformation set. It is made from the two-tone felt cloth of yellow and orange, and even if it takes, it is finished to the pop impression. Please observe the feather of the chicken currently attached to the both sides of a hat. please imagine a profile when a cat covers it is as dear as it blows off involuntarily -- since it can equip with the head volume to which the reed of a chicken also attached to hat on a piece of Velcro, attachment and detachment are easy

Also available: frog, sheep, and Anne of Green Gables. Via the boingboing guestbar.


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