Friday, July 25, 2003

Speaking of that other big tome that got released just yesterday, what seems to be getting major coverage is that the CIA and FBI didn't communicate much, within themselves or with each other, and that Dubya's crew may not have taken effective steps to clean up the mess.

Is this news? I wrote at the time the Homeland Security bill was floated:

So --- the problem of turf wars between the FBI and CIA is dealt with by giving them both a new agency to fight with, the problem of information hoarding at headquarters is dealt with by establishing a new hoard of information at headquarters, and we also improve matters by imposing a new layer of centralized bureaucracy on agencies which (with the possible exception of INS) didn't have much to do with the problem.

It was obvious then -- but underemphasized by reporters unwilling to say the sky was blue unless they have three vetted, reliable sources willing to say so (anonymously, of course, to protect their reputations...)


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