Friday, August 15, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger was barely in the California recall campaign when he revealed his earlier support for the anti-immigrant Prop. 187 (a measure since quashed by the courts), alienating Hispanic voters. But that proposition had passed, with 60% of the vote, largely from Anglos, so you could cast support for the measure as an appeal to them.

But it seems that in alienating the voters, Schwarzenegger's campaign aspires to be fair and balanced. In today's Wall Street Journal, Warren Buffett, who has signed on to the campaign as an advisor on economic matters, says taxes -- particularly property taxes -- are too low. He doesn't actually say they should be raised, but the implications are pretty clear. And they won't go down well in California suburbs that still swear by the anti-tax Proposition 13 -- which is the reason that California property taxes are so low -- and particularly not with the Republican state legislators who plunged the state into fiscal crisis by refusing to approve anything that even smelled like a tax increase (sinking the state's bond rating and costing it real money in the process).

I wonder if any of them are starting to think this whole recall thing might have been a bad idea?


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