Thursday, September 04, 2003

The recording industry wants to crack down on online copying of music, on the theory that sales will go back up. It's not working:

[Phil] Leigh, an independent digital media industry analyst, said the "fear factor" caused usage of file-sharing programs to drop about 22 percent in the seven weeks after the RIAA announced its plans to sue individuals. Yet Leigh noted industry sales reports show the drop in CD sales accelerated during the same period.

And furthermore:

sales of top 10 selling albums, which generate the bulk of profits for record labels, have dropped from 60 million units in 2000 to 34 million units last year

What ever could the problem be? That the actions of the industry is alienating the public? That the albums that they're most heavily promoting are just plain lousy?

Of course not. The problem has to be that they aren't cracking down enough:

U.S. recording industry officials said Tuesday the latest market data justifies their escalating battle against online file sharers.

Hey, if it works for Dubya and his tax cuts...

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