Friday, October 10, 2003

A little news from Boston: you'd think that everyone around here would be excited about the Red Sox. But Steve Gisselbrecht has other priorities:

October 8, 2003: Audrey Ryan Band, Tristan da Cunha, Starr Faithfull, and Francis Kim Band at T.T. the Bear's Place

Fucking Red Sox! This is perhaps the most tragically underattended show I've ever been to, so people can watch grown men play with balls and sticks? Please.

Opening up, for me and about half a dozen of their friends, are Francis Kim Band. Initially, I like them. They have a kind of dated, soft-rock sound that's fun for the first song or two, and their lead singer is excellent. He's a tiny little guy, (they have a song called "5-foot-4") but he's got a huge voice, and he uses it really well. Their drummer is also strikingly good; just always that little bit more complicated than he needs to be. I like that. There is also good harmony. But after a few songs the safe, polished, radio-friendly sound starts to get me down. Genuine talent, but not my thing.

Fortunately, I'm here to see Starr Faithfull, and they give me the ass-kicking I came here for. Those ridiculous baseball players are still trying to suck all the life out of the room--at one point there are three of us in the audience--and the band could let this get to them, but they go all out. ...

This was the night the Red Sox won, by the way. There aren't many people around here who really believe in the curse of the Bambino... but here's someone who wants to.


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