Wednesday, December 17, 2003

It seems that a number of right-wing blogs are upset about the scant -- they claimed "non-existant" -- coverage of last week's demonstrations in Iraq, some at least favoring the CPA, though there were counter demonstrations as well (and it wasn't clear which side the Iraqi communist party has been taking, though they too were out in force).

So, just for kicks, I thought I'd list a few other stories which also haven't been getting a whole lot of attention from the American mainstream press, in no particular order:

  • Several days' worth of pro-Saddam demonstrations in Iraq after his arrest, including a general strike at Mosul University with ethnic overtones -- the faculty claim the CPA is showing favoritism toward the Kurds.
  • The stunning rate of desertion from the new Iraqified security forces -- particularly since some of the people in them openly proclaim their sympathy for the insurgents. (To give Steve Gilliard credit, he was calling this months ago).
  • The dismal labor situation, and indeed the CPA's general sell-off of Iraqi state assets to American bidders, which in addition to all the other obvious problems, may well exceed our authority as an occupying power under international law. (Link via Diana Moon).
  • The recent assassination attempt on Pakistani President Musharraf, which threatens to deliver the country, and its nukes, into the hands of a military establishment shot through with sympathizers for Islamist terrorists.
  • On the domestic front, the sizable demonstrations against the Free Trade Area of the Americas talks in Miami, which were met with brutal and apparently unprovoked attacks from the police.
  • And, just to toss in one last item from the domestic front, the recent arrest of some American right-wing militia nuts with an arsenal which included, among other things, a cyanide bomb that could have easily killed a few thousand people.

Given all that, I don't think you can reasonably say that the media's omissions reflect an anti-administration bias. You can say they're doing a bad job, but I don't think that helps people who'd like to use the few pro-CPA demonstrations in Iraq as an excuse to pretend things are going great and we can ignore all that other stuff...


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