Wednesday, February 25, 2004

If you're wondering how the distortion of government scientific reports at the hands of Dubya's crew might affect you personally:

A senior scientist at the Department of Agriculture says its scientific experts have been pressured by top officials to approve products for Americans to eat before their safety can be confirmed.

In particular, the scientist said, approval to resume importing Canadian beef was given last August before a study confirming that it was safe. Canadian beef was banned after mad cow disease was found there in May.

The scientist's concerns were echoed by several scientific groups, including the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Government Accountability Project, which say the Agriculture Department has pressured scientists to protect industries or countries favored by the Bush administration.

And some cynics suggest they're opposed to trade. A topic to which I shall return...

Oops: added link to the article I'm actually quoting. Sigh...


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