Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A little news from Boston: in the wake of the general disorder that followed the Superbowl, most of it driven by rowdy college students around Boston University and Northeastern, the search is on for where to place the blame. The Boston Police have been criticized, for instance, for having only 43 crowd control officers on duty that evening for the entire city, despite similar problems in the same parts of town after the last Patriots Superbowl.

But never mind that -- Mayor-for-Life Tom Menino knows where the blame really belongs: new state rules that allow Sunday liquor sales. It doesn't matter to him that there were no Sunday liquor sales the last time, or that the police failed to learn from their prior mistakes. And so even though the disorder looks to a naive observer like a replay of the bonfires and vandalism which happened in pretty much the same spots in January of 2002, there is, indeed, a difference: this time, Hizzonner is officially on record as saying that college students at fairly good schools are just too dumb to stock up on excess booze for their Superbowl parties a day in advance.

Perhaps it's college students like that who graduate to go manage funds for regional fund giant Fidelity -- which may be about to get dumped as a manager of a chunk of the state pension fund after consistently underperforming the S&P 500. Over a period of years, with a fairly broad-based portfolio, doing that consistently takes work...


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