Thursday, March 11, 2004

Via Sisyphus Shrugged, this heartwarming tale of Dubya's respect for democracy:

Stationed in the area of the Baghdad Airport at the time of President Bush’s Thanksgiving 2003 visit to the troops there, [an Army medic] also recounts that on the day before the president’s visit, the troops were given a questionnaire that asked them whether they “supported the president.” Those who did not declare their support with sufficient enthusiasm were not permitted to take part in the Thanksgiving meal, and had to make do with MREs (meals ready to eat, referred to by the soldiers as “meals refused by Ethiopians”) in their quarters.

Clearly, this shows how he respects the troops, regardless of their political positions, for their sacrifices, which he was denied the opportunity to make himself in Vietnam -- not even skipping out on a flight physical would get him bounced out of the Texas National Guard for the combat slot he surely yearned for. Indeed, when some of them have questions about the wisdom of the orders that they nevertheless obey, he respects their principled opposition to his policies so much that he doesn't want to disrupt it with the immense force of his own personal magnetism...


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