Monday, April 26, 2004

But speaking of Iraq, there's a long update just added to the post immediately below. Also, on the same topic, see this article from Newsweek. Steve Gilliard thought it was worth quoting just for the harrowing opening account of our troops caught in a professional, prepared ambush in Sadr City, but that isn't even really what it's about. The real topic is how this, and many other situations, are taking a far higher toll than they needed to because Rumsfeld tried to economize by not shipping them armored vehicles:

In continuing adherence to the Army's "light is better" doctrine, even units recently rotated to Iraq have left most of their armor behind. These include the I Marine Expeditionary Force, which has paid dearly for that decision with an astonishing 30 percent-plus casualties (45 killed, more than 300 wounded) in Fallujah and Ar Ramadi. The Army's 1st Cavalry Division—which includes the unit in Sadr City—left five of every six of its tanks at home, and five of every six Bradleys.

But remember, it's the people who question administration policy who are failing to support the troops...


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