Thursday, August 12, 2004

The folks at Wampum can always be counted on for interesting takes on economic data. Mary-Beth, for instance, offers a graph of hourly wage rates during the recent "pickup" in the job market... which show a trend which Dubya's supporters might not expect. And at Crooked Timber, Daniel Davies would like you to know that the longer-term trend for the folks at the bottom in the U.S. isn't that great either.

Wampum is also the current posting home of Dwight Meredith, who'd like to remind you that he was graphing economic performance under Democratic vs. Republican presidents almost two years before Michael Kinsley. Rounding out the Wampum roster, Eric finds that when it comes to Dubya's crew, Hanlon's razor is getting a little dull...

More: on income-related trends from Jacob Hacker, with commentary from Kevin Drum.


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