Wednesday, October 20, 2004

You know the story: trying to attract employers, cities and even states throw immense amounts of money, in the form of tax incentives, to attract businesses looking for low-cost places to put a factory or something. Then a few years later, some other locality offers the same business an even better deal, the business moves again, its erstwhile employees are once again jobless, and local government is left holding the bag. Well, it happened to Galesburg, Illinois, when Maytag shut down a new factory, and D.A. Paul Mangieri knows just what to do about it: sue the bastards. There's just one problem:

There are six taxing entities that gave incentives to Maytag, and several have decided not to pursue the company, arguing that it sends the wrong message at a time the town is desperate to attract new jobs.

"When I first heard Paul Mangieri talk about suing Maytag, I cheered," Mr. Klinck, the car dealer, said. "But on further reflection, I thought this would negate our message."

Oh, well...


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