Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Times has published yet another dangers of blogging article. This one's about a Delta stewardess who got fired for posting some supposedly inappropriate photos of herself on an airplane. She says she's trying to "project the image of a stewardess from a bygone era", and that's very definitely not the image her employer wants to project in the here and now. Instead, it seems, they choose to project the image of stuffed-up prigs who act in ways that invite lawsuits and rain negative publicity upon them. Which doesn't sound like a good move to me, but hey, I'm not a professional PR guy.

Now, if you click through my link to the photos themselves, you'll probably be disapointed. Anyone who objects to these photos would probably need to be hospitalized after seeing newspaper ads for a lingerie sale at Macy's. So let's just stipulate that the management here are total jerks. But that said, it's still the case that blogging about work is a risky thing to do. It's not always the wrong thing to do, but you need to think about it, because there are risks. Pseudonymity is a reasonable way to try to reduce those risks, but you can't reasonably claim to be anonymous when you're putting your real face on the blog...


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