Monday, January 10, 2005

So, there's this line going around that of course we should all be opposed to torture, but putting up a fight about the Gonzales nomination is the wrong time to do that, because the outcome of the vote is a foregone conclusion.

Well, excuse me. The Republicans have control of all three branches of government. Anything they want is a foregone conclusion -- barring a filibuster, which would work as well for the Gonzales nomination as anything else.

And back when the Republicans weren't in power, how did Gingrich build them up? By using everything that came down the pike, regardless of the odds of success, regardless even of the merits of the case, as a rallying point against the Dems.

But of course, Dubya's defenders will say that after September 11th, extraordinary measures are needed to defend the U.S. Kidnapping German citizens on the Macedonian border. Sinking fishing boats off the coast of Ecuador. Whatever. We're the good guys, remember. Once people understand the need for all of this, I'm sure they'll be eager to cooperate...


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