Sunday, February 20, 2005

David Brooks has noticed that Dubya's budget is bleeding money. Dubya's created costly new medical entitlements for the aging, and he wants a social security "reform" proposal which, he now admits, will drain huge new sums out of the treasury for transition costs. If we were taxing as we were under, say, Clinton, this might be livable, but with Dubya's vast new tax cuts for the rich, there won't be enough money coming in to pay for it all.

Brooks looks at this, and regretfully says that those greedy old geezers from the AARP will just have to take less cash...

Update: It looks like this is an opening shot in a right-wing propaganda campaign against the AARP, and its opposition to Dubya's Social Security "reform" proposals (which, ironically enough, make the immediate fiscal problems worse). via Atrios.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We knew early on that the people in the Bush administration were going to be odd but who could have guessed they'd look like the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show?


12:29 AM  

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