Tuesday, August 30, 2005

People frequently complain that Fox News is unbalanced. Like the freeper who complained this weekend that:

Coverage on Fox of [the "anti-protests" against Camp Casey] has been no different than would have been spun by Dan Rather or Peter Jennings (RIP). It seems that now that Fox has reached the top, it has become complacent in the MSM hierarchy, and is jettisoning the strategy that got it there. ...

Skipping over his specific complaints (like the description of the pro-Bush "protestors" as pro-Bush), we come to this stirring call to action:

Now this is important! We as Conservatives have come to depend on FoxNews as a source to provide balanced reporting. This is simply no longer the case! We need to stop indiscriminately watching Fox, and recommending Fox, and we need to let Fox's sponsors know that they are losing their audience. The same unbalanced market conditions that enabled the rise of FoxNews are resurfacing!

Yes, these folks will find liberal bias in anything, no matter how slanted towards their position already. Which means that you can't defend, say, an article on "Intelligent Design" by saying that the moonbats are still complaining it should have been nicer to them. They'll always say that. It's their job.


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