Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So, negotiators have gotten North Korea to promise to drop its nuclear weapons program. How ever did they do it?

...the negotiator, Christopher Hill, had misgivings because the vaguely worded agreement left unaddressed the date disarmament would happen, and hinted at a concession to North Korea that President Bush and his aides had long said they would never agree to: discussing at an appropriate time providing North Korea with a civilian nuclear power plant, senior administration officials said.

The plant, a light-water reactor, cannot produce fuel for nuclear bombs as efficiently as North Korea's existing nuclear plants, but would keep the country in the nuclear business.

If you know the chronology of this story, you'll recall that this was a feature of the previous deal, between North Korea and the Clinton administration. And that the North Koreans started trying to build weapons again only after we'd failed for years to keep the promise. Why? Because the appropriations were continually blocked by the Republican Congress. Good going, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so, like the Vietnam peace treaty, we went round and round for five years and finally agreed to the deal originally on the table.


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