Tuesday, October 11, 2005

One of the places that Katrina evacuees got herded by FEMA was an isolated church camp called the Dwight Mission out in Oklahoma, somewhere near Sallisaw. The Times (not Select) has an account of their experience. It wasn't fun.

On the one hand, you had people cooped up in the camp --- trained hotel and kitchen workers, a lot of them --- with literally nothing to do, trying desperately to come up with ways to kill time until a more suitable place could be found for them. On the other hand, you had the people running the place, all volunteer Oklahomans who had lives of their own, and just didn't have time to cook a decent meal every day --- leaving folks used to New Orleans cooking to eat canned spaghetti.

It seems to me, from a distance, as if each of these problems would offer a solution to the other. It probably says something about the nature of the situation that it was never tried. But I'm not sure what...


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