Sunday, January 07, 2007

Billmon is gone --- it seems that he was depressed at the futility of liberal blogging. An odd moment for that, shortly after the Democrats retook Congress, but I've always been somewhat skeptical myself how much the blog thing really amounted to. But, aside from netroots fundraising numbers, I have seen evidence that someone thinks left-wing online activity has lasting significance. Amid politically inspired art from Daumier, Manet and Picasso, the Harvard art museum's show "Dissent!" boasts a proudly framed printout of sixteen strips from Get Your War On.


Blogger Nell said...

I hope it includes the strips from March 2003. They kept me from going completely insane. Particularly this one:

All I have to say is, once this is over, the Iraqi people better be the freest fucking people on the face of the earth. They better be freer than me. They better be so fucking free they can fly.

And the strip that follows it.

9:47 PM  

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