Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A few months ago, Randall Monroe, the author of xkcd, embedded the geographic coordinates of a playground in North Cambridge in a comic, with a date that worked out as 2:38 PM last Sunday. Ths strip ended with the cautionary note that wishing for something doesn't mean you'll get it.

On the day, signs in the park had been done over with references to the strip, and geeks from far and wide took the place over, engaged in tape-measure contests and similar strip-related tomfoolery. (I never actually met the rumored Australians, though some Canadians in for the day had war stories of hassles at the airport.) At the appointed hour, Randall appeared, surveyed the crowd (which was, I'd guess, in the low hundreds), and declared that since he'd gotten what he'd wished for, the strip clearly needed revision. Large pieces of posterboard appeared for people to write suggestions. These were, of course, mobbed instantly. Among the various things that got scrawled on them by whoever shoved their way to the front, including NSFW graffiti purportedly from "your friends" at another webcomic, was this:

I don't know what "xkcd" is. I live across the street.


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