Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is it nice to have a really successful football team around Boston? There are drawbacks. For one thing, they've filled the area with the moral equivalent of Yankee fans. Which is why it's no shock that chisel-chinned fashion plate Tom Brady (who may yet find a way to get one of those pocket handkerchiefs into a football jersey, and let the league office fight it out with Gisele) is himself a Yankee fan of long standing, who, it is rumored, used to wear a Yankee cap in the Patriots locker room until someone told him to cut it out.

But we may have to put this down as a case of unrequited fan-love. Or at least partly unrequited. The Pats are playing the Chargers in the conference championship today, and on his new blog, Yankee pitching phenom Phil Hughes is pulling for the Chargers.

No reaction yet from any of the Yankee fan sites that really, really, don't like pitchers blogging when they're named "Curt Schilling". But then again, if Hughes gets traded to the Twins for Johan Santana --- not likely, at the moment, but still possible --- then the problem may solve itself.


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