Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It looks like the long, drawn-out Democratic primary process may finally be drawing to a close, now that Obama has nearly secured the critical IOZ endorsement:

Barack Obama may in fact be precisely the hollow messiah that he appears, ... a sort of national Deepak Chopra, peddling easy salvation without actually doing anything. That, needless to say, is a program I can get behind. Four years of new-age-Christian babble is the least harmful outcome that I can imagine at the current moment in the empire. Let us all go upward and forward toward the future of our destiny leading the world forever. I am in favor of directions, whichever ones they are.
This will no doubt disappoint supporters of Hillary Clinton, who want the voters to have a meaningful choice in every single primary on the schedule, right to the last, now that her initial plan to end it all by Super Tuesday has failed to pan out.

For more on Clinton, see the Fafblog interview...


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