Thursday, January 24, 2002

Jim Henley wants to know why he didn't learn from this blog that Enron supported the Kyoto treaty.

To forestall future complaints about similar omissions, I'd like to say a word right now in praise of Enron's generous support for the Houston arts community, and particularly performing arts organizations like the ballet which, thanks in part to Republican attacks on the NEA, are chronically strapped for funds all across the country.

By the way, Ken Lay is still a con artist, and Bush and Cheney are both still being less than forthcoming about how tight they were with him while the con was working...

(Update: Rand Simberg posts, as a rejoinder to this sort of argument, a list of Clinton's shady associations. But Bush's big campaign theme was that he was supposed to be different --- the character issue, remember? And while I'm on the subject, Bush did just announce a recess appointment for Otto Reich, a man who was responsible for a scandal in a previous administration. His list is growing. Give it time...)


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