Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The revolving door between the Pentagon and defense contractors seems to be spinning these days at an unusually rapid clip. Boeing just fired two executives, including their CFO (who had been touted as a successor to their current CEO). The two were involved in negotiating a controversial tanker deal, which was widely criticized for gouging the taxpayers. IIt was a very friendly negotiation -- Darleen Druyun, the Pentagon official who was negotiating the deal, was also tipping Boeing off about a competitive bid from Airbus. And there's a reason for that -- she was simultaneously negotiating her next job at Boeing. (She's now the other executive Boeing has dismissed, also for cause).

And while it's perfectly reasonable to complain about Republican pork -- their hypocrisy on the issue, and their partisanship, are both pretty rank -- it's useful to remember that no one in national politics has entirely clean hands; this one's largely on the Democrats.


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