Monday, November 03, 2003

Studies in selective memory -- Dean Esmay:

I've been watching politics for about 20 years, and switched party affiliations a few times. I've never seen this much fury and this much irrationality toward a sitting President.

In the 1990s, we had allegations that a sitting president had been personally involved in drug smuggling, rape, and the murder of an official in his own administration. We saw the pursuit of that president by a special prosecutor with obvious partisan motives, spending years of time and millions of dollars pursuing supposed corrupt business deals and turning up nothing. We saw the imprisonment of a woman for years because she would not give this prosecutor incriminating testimony which she believed to be false. And we saw that investigation culminating in the impeachment of that president -- for only the second time in this country's history -- over testimony related to a personal peccadillo which was not germane to either the land deals the prosecutor was supposed to investigate nor the court case in which the deposition was taken.

I guess Dean Esmay didn't see much of that. I wish I hadn't either.

(Don't even ask how I stumbled on this, but I have endured the pain, and misery loves company).


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