Thursday, March 14, 2002

During the Clinton Administration, Republican complaints about Democratic fundraising teases were legion, particularly when it came to informal "teas" with officials and overnight stays in the White House. With Democrats in power, campaign contributors just couldn't get value for money.

Consider the agenda for a two-day workshop offered by the National Republican Campaign Committee. The workshop kicks off with a highlight, for members of the exclusive "Speaker's Circle" --- a closed-door briefing on defense issues from the head of the House Intelligence Committee. After that, you can talk taxes with Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the head of the Ways and Means committee, and discuss economic and energy issues with a variety of White House and Congressional staffers.

Or, if you prefer a more informal setting, a mere $5,000 gets you four days of sun, fun, and face time at Lake Tahoe. Compare that to tea and a hotel room.

Republicans --- they can't seem to maintain a budget surplus, but they sure know the value of a buck.


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